We are proud to provide a client-focused approach to cost-effective legal representation in the areas of Immigration Law and California Business Law. Our knowledgeable attorneys ensure that our clients’ trust is earned through expertise and integrity during all phases of the relationship. We keep abreast of legal changes and business trends to provide exceptional solutions to client concerns in an efficient manner.

We take into consideration each of our client’s unique circumstances and utilize our legal knowledge and experience so that individualized goals are achieved. Our client base spans a diverse range of industries and range from large, multinational corporations to small, start-up businesses and individuals seeking to prosper in today’s global marketplace.

We are firmly committed to exceeding client expectations. Our innovative, client-based approach serves to rapidly address specific client needs as well as provide continuity of service. Our attorneys transcend traditional roles becoming instead, trusted advisors, creating an atmosphere of respect while vigorously representing our client’s best interests.

San Diego Immigration Attorneys

content_img2The Law Offices Of Linda M Allen’s San Diego Immigration Attorneys provide corporate immigration clients with assistance in procuring both short and long-term work visas for foreign employees in all fifty states and throughout the world. Our immigration lawyers focus on work visas for specialized knowledge employees, professionals, investors, intra-company transferees, multinational managers and other executives.

Our San Diego Immigration Attorneys focus on representing companies that wish to hire highly specialized individuals and transfer high-ranking employees to the US. We represent clients that span a diverse variety of industries including biotech and high tech companies worldwide. Our lawyers focus on work visas for specialized knowledge employees and other professionals as well as investors, intra-company transferees, multinational managers and other executives. The Law Offices Of Linda M Allen’s San Diego Immigration Attorneys provide immigration services to companies in all fifty states and throughout the world.

Our Immigration Lawyers assist our clients in obtaining visas such as:

  • B-1 visa – Short business stay visa
  • B-2 visa – Short tourist stay visa
  • E-1 visa – Treaty-trader visa
  • E-2 visa – Treaty-investor visa
  • E-3 visa – Visa for Australian professionals
  • H-1A visa – Visa for registered nurses
  • H-1B visa – Visa for specialty occupation workers
  • H-2B visa – Visa for skilled or unskilled workers
  • H-3 visa – Visa for trainees
  • K-1 visa – Visa for fiance’(e)’s of U.S. citizens
  • K-3 visa – Visa for spouses of U.S. citizens
  • L-1A visa – Visa for multinational managers or executives
  • L-1B visa – Visa for specialized knowledge employees
  • O-1 visa – Visa for extraordinary ability aliens in science, the arts, education, business or athletics
  • P-1 visa – Visa for athletes or performers (and essential support personnel)
  • R-1 – Visa for religious workers
  • TN-NAFTA – Status for professional Mexicans and Canadians

We also prepare green card applications including:

  • PERM Labor certifications
  • I-130
  • I-140
  • I-360
  • I-485
  • I-526
  • I-829

Citizenship applications including:

  • N-400
  • N-600

San Diego Business Attorneys

content_img3Our San Diego Business Attorneys serve a wide range of clients, from emerging companies to large international conglomerates. Often, our San Diego Business Attorneys are engaged as general counsel by corporations in order to represent them during all phases of their corporate life.




Services that the Law Offices Of Linda M Allen’s lawyers provide, include:

  • Business counseling
  • Business formation, including Incorporations, LLC, LLP, etc.
  • Negotiation
  • Partnership

Drafting, assessing, reviewing and negotiating a wide variety of agreements (including buy-sell agreements, construction contracts, joint venture agreements, license agreements, software agreements, testing agreements, RFP’s, SLA’s MSA’s and SOW’s, consulting agreements, development agreements, NDA’s, supply/distribution agreements, vendor agreements and proposals, etc).

The firm’s San Diego Business Attorneys also handle:

  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Sales of businesses/terminations/wind-downs; and US franchise and distributorship formation.
  • Serve as counsel for businesses/handle litigation and mediation.
  • business litigation
  • franchises
  • licensing
  • service marks issues
  • import/export
  • custom issues
  • negotiations
  • sales of businesses
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • employee issues
  • compensation
  • expatriation and repatriation issues
  • director and officer liability